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    Xin Changxing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, paid a visit to ATG company

    On March 14, 2017, Xin Changxing, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, went to ARN Group's ATG company to investigate. President Pan Yixin and general manager Cao Lixin of ARN Group met together. Municipal leaders Chen Bingbing and Liu Daqun, and director of the Development Zone Management Committee Wu Sanjiu accompanied the investigation. During the period, he focused on inspecting the production situation of the workshop and the party building work. Pan Yixin, the president of ARN Group, reported to the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Xin Changxing the recent development results and mid- and long-term plans of the group. Xin Changxing, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, also encouraged the company to seize the opportunity of the country to further promote the supply-side structural reform, actively develop new technologies, new processes and new products, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. (Zhang Dandan)

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