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    The ARN Group is awarded


    Anhui Province Corporate Social Responsibility Report Release was held on July 19 in Hefei Fengda International Hotel. 74 companies from all provinces and cities participated in the meeting and released the 2016 Social Responsibility Report. The meeting commended 9 companies in the 2016 “Best Social Responsibility Report” of Anhui Province. Anhui Ring New Group Social Responsibility Report won the commendation with the fourth overall score.

    The company that won the "Best Social Responsibility Report", according to the relevant requirements of national standards such as the "Social Responsibility Guide", normatively disclosed the basic background of corporate social responsibility work and social responsibility performance and other information, representing advanced level of Anhui Province Corporate Social Responsibility Report. ARN Group's social responsibility report demonstrates the company's performance under the guidance of the five responsibility concepts of "innovation, integrity, harmony, greenness, and sharing" with a rigorous structure, a complete index system, a novel layout, and a vivid language description. And won high praise from expert judges.

    Liu Tongqing, deputy general manager of ARN Group, participated in the meeting and gave a speech on behalf of the company. The 6-minute wonderful presentation delivered a satisfactory answer to the industry and the society, and also made a solemn commitment to the future: to contribute to the society, to the well-being of employees, and to the long-term for the enterprise. After the meeting, President Liu, as a representative of the winning unit, was interviewed by a reporter from People's Daily Online. (Zhang Weixia)

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