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    Zhan Xialai, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, paid a visit to ARN group


    On the morning of July 21st, Zhan Xialai, deputy party secretary and deputy director of the Anhui Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, accompanied by Zhu Duwen, secretary general of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, accompanied ARN Group for investigation and guidance. Group Chairman Pan Yixin, General Manager Cao Lixin, Deputy General Manager Liu Tongqing, and Assistant President Cai Xiangdong warmly received Director Zhan and his party, and held a discussion report.

    During the forum, Chairman Pan Yixin reported on the group's business overview, first half year performance, and market share of various products. In particular, it introduced the group's new energy product development, the group's international mergers and acquisitions, etc., and pointed out that the ARN Group has achieved synchronous technology and management advantages with the world through "introducing, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating" for many years. When learning that ARN Group achieved sales revenue of 3.429 billion RMB and profits and taxes of 820 million RMB in the first half of the year, Zhan Xialai gave a high evaluation and pointed out that it is not easy for ARN Group to still achieve such outstanding achievements in the downturn of the automotive market. The structural advantages and technical advantages of ARN Group's products also agree with the international development strategy of ARN Group's combination of strengths and strengths. He hoped that ARN Group would set ambitious goals, keep a close eye on the world's leading technology, give play to the experience and management wisdom of international cooperation, continue to build good products and brands, and focus on the goals of "international, new, 100 billion and 100-year new" ,Bigger and stronger.

    Municipal leaders Wei Xiaoming, Chen Bingbing, Kang Zhenghe, Zhang Junyi and the director of the Municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee Wu Sanjiu accompanied the investigation.

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