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    Mr. Pan,Chairman of the Board, released a significant lecture in memory of openning of July 1st Party Members Conference of ARN group

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    On the afternoon of June 29, on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Party, ARN Group held an oath of new party members and a learning session for party members and managers. The meeting was grandly held in meeting room 1 of ATG. At 2:00 pm, the conference kicked off in the majestic national anthem. Representatives of the group's retired cadres, party members of various branches and representatives of middle-level and higher management attended the meeting. Group Chairman Pan Yixin, Party Committee Secretary Cao Lixin, Party Committee members Liu Tongqing, Kai Bolin, Cai Xiangdong, Zhu Huashan attended the meeting and took a seat on the rostrum. The meeting was chaired by Party Secretary Cao Lixin.

    Cai Xiangdong, deputy secretary of the party committee, led the new party members to take the oath of joining the party. "Be loyal to the party, work actively, fight for communism, be ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people, and never betray the party." The oath resound through the venue. The atmosphere of the entire venue looked serious and solemn.

    Secretary of the Party Committee Cao Lixin read out the commendation decision of "Group's 2016 Advanced Party Branch and Outstanding Party Members". ATG Executive First Party Branch, ARN Auto Trade Party Branch, DBX Party Branch are 2016 "Advanced Party Branches"; awarded to Zhu Li, Shu Chunlei, Jiang Liwen, Ye Shan, Han Ming, Jiang Bo, Cheng Xueping, Wang Xianqiang, Xiao Xuean, Zhang Haoyu, Zhao Junfeng, Wang Huadong, Li Genfu, Gui Zujun, Zhu Yuanyuan, Gui Huiqin, Li Sirong, Wu Zhangjin the "Excellent Party Members" in 2016. The award-winning party branch and representatives of outstanding party members received the commendation and took a photo with the award-giving leaders. The venue was filled with a festive and warm atmosphere.

    Representative Xiao Xuean, an outstanding party member, spoke about the ordinary deeds of standing for a year, pragmatic dedication, and the relentless pursuit of a beautiful new dream as a party member.

    Chairman Pan Yixin made an important speech. Pan Yixin first conducted an in-depth study and judgment on the economic situation in the first half of the year, affirmed the Group's achievements, and objectively analyzed the operating conditions, difficulties and strategies of the three sections of auto parts, new energy and internationalization. The speech pointed out that although the overall growth rate of the automobile industry has slowed down, it basically coincides with the government report. What is gratifying is that with the close cooperation between sales and production, ARN Group has achieved better results than expected. Sales and profits in the first half of the year The average growth rate is more than 15%. The parts and components are in full bloom, the competition is fierce, and the piston ring and powder metallurgy are closely watching the market, seeing the seam and inserting the pins, and then grab the share; the piston and spring break through the production capacity, and the performance rises hugely; the cylinder liner maintains strong power and is still in the ascending channel. In terms of new energy products, due to the constraints of related factors, the power battery's own cost advantages and battery life advantages have not been reflected in the domestic market. The battery pack products have been blocked due to changes in the US industrial strategy. However, with the support of Samsung SDI, before the new products have produced benefits, I hope that all enterprises can fully tap the potential, do fine-grained existing products, accumulate energy, save energy, and save money. In terms of material talents, we give great support to follow-up products. This is the direction of our efforts in the second half of the year and will be the direction of our efforts in the next two to three years. At the same time, it is required that new product companies speed up research and development, and strengthen promotion, with the spirit of fighting for the day and night, to outperform time and make the market as early as possible. In terms of internationalization, clear thinking, planning and moving forward, ARN Germany Holdings and ARN Japan Holdings are also embarking on preliminary research on overseas mergers and acquisitions. Regarding how to refine and refine existing products and improve market competitiveness, Pan emphasized that reducing costs is the key. To take advantage of the Group's comprehensive management, improve quality, improve technology, rationally equip talents, reduce product quality risks, and safety accident risks; in procurement, strengthen system construction, establish new regulations, and strictly control all forms of violations, and Take July 1 as the starting point of the "new regulations"; for personnel management, Mr. Pan pointed out that it is necessary to change from reducing the turnover rate to improving employee satisfaction and enhancing the sense of belonging of the employees. In particular, the frontline employee assessment should be "speaking with data" , Try to balance the employees' psychology, unblock the employees' bad emotions, create a fair, just, sunny, transparent evaluation mechanism and employment mechanism, so that employees can work comfortably and live a happy life.

    In the speech of Comrade Pan Yixin, the situation was analyzed incisively and thoroughly, and the key to solving the problem was the most crucial. The wisdom was simple and simple. At the meeting, Secretary of the Party Committee Cao Lixin called on all branches and all party members to deeply understand the spirit of President Pan's speech, clarify their respective responsibilities and missions, improve management, innovate ideas, work hard, and continuously achieve new achievements.

    After the meeting, Professor Wu Jie of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee was also invited to give a lecture on "Interpretation of the Spirit of the Sixth Central Committee of the Eighteenth Central Committee". The party members and management cadres attending the meeting listened carefully, thought deeply, and accepted a profound experience in the case analysis and theoretical analysis. Thought baptism. (Zhang Weixia)

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