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    Salary consultative conference of year 2017 is held in ARN

    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

    On the afternoon of August 2, ARN Group held the 2017 annual salary consultation meeting. Group General Manager and Party Secretary Cao Lixin, Group Deputy General Managers Liu Tongqing, Kai Bolin, ATG Executive General Manager Zhu Huashan, ATGL Deputy General Manager Zhang Hao, ASP Company Deputy General Manager Xu Jun, ATP Company Deputy General Manager Li Cheng, Cai Xiangdong, the chairman of the labor union, Wu Zhenhai, the vice chairman, representatives of the labor union members, women working committee representatives, and representatives of the employees of the companies attended the meeting.

    At the beginning of the meeting, the vice chairman of the labor union Wu Zhenhai gave a detailed report on the specific capital increase plan for 2017, and the chairman of the union, Cai, made supplementary explanations on the basic data. At the meeting, President Cao emphasized: The Group's continuous capital increase for many years fully reflects the good development of the enterprise, and employees should be proud of this. In order to fully enjoy the development achievements of the enterprise and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, the Group decided to implement a 5.8% capital increase plan in 2017. Mr. Cao pointed out: The willingness of employees should be rewarded with corresponding benefits. Therefore, the capital increase plan embodies the principle of “incline to the front line and incline to the bitter and tired positions”. It is hoped that the employee representatives present here will convey the information to more employees and let everyone form a consensus on the capital increase plan. President Liu also emphasized that capital increase is only part of the employees’ achievements. The company has made a series of improvements, such as automation improvements and operating environment improvements. These hidden benefits cannot be ignored. As the company continues to develop, these improvements will continue.

    Representatives of all parties in the negotiation had no objection to the plan, and they unanimously approved the 2017 capital increase plan, and jointly signed the "Special Collective Contract for Wages". (Zhang Weixia)

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