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    Niu Nutao,Director of Provincial Economic and Information Technology Committee, paid a visit to AXN company


    On the afternoon of September 7, Niu Lutao, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and his entourage came to ARN Group for investigation and guidance on the development of new energy industries. Group Deputy General Manager Liu Tongqing, AXN General Manager Chen Yiyun, and Deputy General Manager Cheng Zhiying were warmly received.

    During the visit, President Chen made a detailed report on the company's development, production and management and other related progress. Director Niu fully affirmed the development of AXN and new industries, and encouraged to actively accelerate the pace of research and development, taking this opportunity to promote the rapid development of the new energy industry, thereby promoting the transformation and upgrading of ARN Group, development and growth, and promoting the new energy industry chain. Drive the new energy industry to thrive and better move towards internationalization. Director Niu and his entourage also visited ARN Group ATG Company. Anqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wei Xiaoming, Director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee Wu Sanjiu, and Director of the Economic and Information Commission Wei Qing'e accompanied the investigation. (AXN Tang Meifang)



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