Foods that are high in potassium Where can you find food?

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Potassium is a mineral found in abundance in many foods. Examples of foods that are high in potassium include:


Salmon in the amount of 100 grams will provide approximately 384 milligrams of potassium. In addition to potassium, Salmon is also rich in other good nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Including protein , B vitamins, selenium, astaxanthin and omega -3 fatty acids. 


Bananas are considered a fruit that is high in potassium. And it’s easy to find and eat, with 1 banana providing up to 358 milligrams.

Bananas also contain other nutrients that help promote good health, such as vitamin C,  vitamin B6, magnesium, dietary fiber and various types of antioxidants.

However, if possible, eat bananas that are not yet fully ripe. Or a banana that’s still green. This is because unripe bananas have a lower sugar content. And it is rich in Resistant Starch. Which is a low-calorie starch that is beneficial to intestinal health. There is also research that has found that eating bananas that are still green may help relieve symptoms of diarrhea UFABET

Cashew nuts

cashew nuts It’s probably a snack that many people keep at home. which in addition to being a snack to cure hunger It is also rich in potassium. In 100 grams of cashew nuts, it provides up to 660 milligrams of potassium.

In addition to potassium Cashew nuts are also considered a source of protein. Unsaturated fat,  dietary fiber and copper 

In addition to cashew nuts, other plants in the legume family are also considered to be interesting sources. Whether it is soybeans, peanuts, chickpeas or lentils. However, people with a history of nut allergies should avoid eating foods in this group. For health safety and to prevent severe side effects.